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Welcome to InStep Competition Dog Obedience Training

Sharon and Sizzle, Buzz and Dazzle
Photo courtesy of Gayle George-Sackett

Classes Sharon teaches:
*Competition Classes
*Novice Beginner

Classes Jennifer teaches:
*Pet Obedience classes
*Nosework classes

e-mail: jenniferkisker@gmail.com
phone: 425-894-9120

Welcome to InStep Competion Dog Obedience Training! My goal as your trainer is to help you achieve your goals in obedience competition trials, regardless of how big or how small. Some people want a perfect 200 score; others just want to go in the ring and not be so nervous -- and maybe manage to get a passing score! And, of course, we all want to have fun with our dogs! You and your dog are a team, and I can help you really become one.
My philosophy when it comes to training is simple: have fun and be consistent. I incorporate a lot of games in my training and instill a love of learning in the dogs (and the handlers!). I celebrate in my students’ joys and successes, whether that means cheering when they get an OTCH or rejoicing in a dog that finally competes with confidence in the ring, even if they didn’t happen to qualify that day.